• Approximately 3 years of Web Frontend development experience.
  • Experience with building reusable components and ensure the flexibility of refactoring.
  • Take an open-minded approach to new ideas, and being glad to share my piece of knowledge with team members.
  • Care about visual aesthetic and interactive experience.


DOIT Information Technology Sep. 2016 ~ . Feb.2017
Frontend Developer
Developed Corporate identity website
  • Cooperated with UI/UX designer to convert a static layout into a responsive website.
  • Built dynamic website with PHP Engineer.
acer SoftDepot Mar. 2017 ~ Apr. 2018
Frontend Developer
Content Management System
  • Maintained content management system includes form and charts.
  • Created dynamic data graph with Chart.js.
Software Developer
Implemented IBM solutions to the client, particularly in ERP system.
  • Created scripts to rewrite duplicate codes among different files. The scripts reduced almost 50% of time compared with manual modification to get the same result.
Jia Wei & Co.,CPAs Mar. 2019 ~ Jan. 2020
Frontend Developer
Developed the Business Cloud Service Solution
  • Collaborated with back-end developers and UX designer to build reusable and maintainable components.
  • Ensured the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.
  • Determined the structure of web pages.
  • Ensured the website was optimized for pc and ipad.
  • Documented components via MDX-docs.
  • Mentored less experienced technical staff.
Jia Wei

Skill Sets

Side Projects

  • Personal Blog

    A minimal forum application for cat discussion. Demo application is deployed on AWS EC2.

    Coding By Colors
  • Game - Down Stairs

    Remade a well known game by javascript and canvas. You get to choose single-player mode or two-player online.

    Down Stairs
  • Cat Forum

    A minimal forum application for cat discussion. Demo application is deployed on AWS EC2.

    Cat Crush

Career Goal

Advance front-end skills continuously, especially interactive animation, user experience and cross browser compatibility.

Strive for a balance between UI/UX, engineering and the product itself.

Prefer B2C or C2C product development.